After the X4 Ultra's huge success in 2022, we decided to update the M4 in order to match the X4's performance as closely as possible, but at a lower cost. The M4 Ultra is essentially an X4 Ultra with a less expensive tweeter. The same 12 inch woofer and heavy chassis, base, etc. come directly from the X4 Ultra, which provides spectacularly powerful bass dynamics.

M4 Ultra

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$ 4,950 USD

The quality and design of the new M4 Ultra's chassis will be on par with that of the X4 Ultra. A new level of realism is achieved with booming bass and ethereal midrange provided by the powerful 80 lb. frame and X4 Ultra woofers. The best M model ever manufactured has been made with no money spared. Expect breathtaking 3D soundstaging and incredibly transparent reproduction. The top registers are wonderfully rendered by the new M200 Silk Dome Tweeter without glare or fatigue. For exceptional rigidity, the heavy aluminum base is machined from aerospace-grade material by Kaiser.

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