Ownership Change

David Whitt

In March 2023, due to health issues that made running the business burdensome, Clayton Shaw, the founder of Spatial Audio Lab, faced a difficult choice and decided to sell his company. Stepping in to ensure the continuity of operations, Sam Whitt, a former employee of Spatial, along with his father, David Whitt, agreed to acquire the company's assets. Despite this change, Clayton remained involved in the company, serving as the head of sales and offering invaluable business advice derived from his extensive experience in the high-end audiophile market.

Spatial Audio Lab, renowned for its commitment to innovation, design, and the production of high-quality, American-made speakers, perseveres in its mission. The introduction of the more affordable Q6 model, alongside the existing X4, demonstrates the brand's dedication to serving a discerning listening audience. Additionally, the company has launched a new production line of tube amplifiers, masterfully designed by industry legends Lynn Olson and Don Sachs.

Through these efforts, the legacy and reputation of Spatial Audio Lab endure. The brand looks forward to serving the audiophile community for many more years, catering to their passion for exceptional sound experiences.

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