X5 Review

July 16, 2021

The Xs (and Ms) do so many rare things so well because they have been designed from the start to solve for so many problems of a traditional speaker approach. The box presents design challenges and manufacturing expense; the X5s eliminate the box and deliver superior sound at lower cost. The room imposes an unknowable and complex influence on the sound; the X5s diminish the impact of the room while adding dipole dispersion and so provide a more direct conduit to the music and recording venue. Difficult speaker impedance curves and low sensitivity ratings constrain the range of suitable amplifiers; the X5s have a sky-high sensitivity of 97db, suitable for virtually any amplifier. Multi-driver speakers present integration issues; the X5s have a rare and remarkable, wide-range AMT tweeter that extends into the mid-band, making the critical transition between mids and highs far less noticeable. For these reasons and more, the Spatial Audio X5s look and sound like the future.