X5 Review

July 16, 2021

Have had my X5's for close to 2 months now and without out a doubt the best speakers I've owned. I have had my share of speakers, Martin Logans, Focal Kanta's, 1.7i and 3.6r Magnepans, Emerald Physics, Triangle and Tannoy's. None of them provided a complete sonic package like the X5's due. Beautiful clarity and detail with a sound stage a mile wide with incredible defined imagining. Not only do you get sonic enjoyment your rewarded with a visual show as well. Bass is tight fast and plentiful these speakers have no problem pressurizing the 16x32 room there in and they play with such an effortlessness to them. They do take some time to break in and smooth out, when I first got them, I was thinking to myself I waited 8 weeks for these! but after quick call to Clayton, he reassured me just give them a few hours and some volume and you will be rewarded, and boy was I ever. I couldn't be happier, I can’t wait to get home now and turn on the stereo.

My front end consists of an Aurender N100H streamer, Ideon Master Time Blackstar edition Reclocker, Aesthetix Pandora Eclipse edition DAC, Nat Audio Magnetic Preamp and Audio Research Reference 75SE tube amp. One last thing Clayton is just a fantastic human, he was an absolute pleasure to deal with start to finish, so if you’re on the fence there worth it take the plunge.