X4 Ultra Introduction

X4 Ultra Introduction


One major focus of the X Series was to develop a high efficiency platform to provide realistic dynamic range, while retaining excellent linearity and tonal authenticity. Large, high acceleration drive units are utilized, which are not normally seen in home audio speakers. Explosive performance and the 3D, holographic effect of the dipolar design is revelatory upon first hearing.


All X Series models incorporate the amazing Beyma Studio Air Motion Transformer from Spain, providing unparalleled sonic refinement and low distortion, even at very high listening levels. Spatial modifies the AMT for Dipolar operation for the best sound quality. It has tremendous headroom, allowing It to sound very relaxed at normal listening levels.

X Nuevo

Introducing the new X4 Ultra model for 2022. This new 2-way design provides incredible performance in a passive design, whereas the X3 and X5 have self-powered bass sections. The X4 Ultra has all the hallmarks of great sound and wide dynamic range of the original models without the need for an active bass section.

Clayton Shaw