The new Q Series incorporates our latest cutting-edge technology that provides exceptional performance, raising the bar in its price class. With the Q6 model at the forefront, prepare to be captivated by an unparalleled level of realism, made possible by its remarkable wide-band design and dipole radiation pattern.


$ 5,800 USD Est.

The Technology Behind Q6

The Q6 combines cutting-edge wideband driver design with proprietary dipole bass technology, resulting in an exceptional blend of musicality and precision in playback. Its remarkably linear response ensures an immersive and accurate listening experience. Furthermore, meticulous attention has been given to the integration of high-quality crossover components and wiring, which play a crucial role in optimizing the subjective listening quality of the Q6. Despite its sleek styling and slim profile, the Q6 conceals a remarkable level of engineering prowess within its elegant exterior.

Coming late 2023
Tech Specs - Preliminary