Introducing the brand-new X4 Ultra model for 2022. This innovative 2-way design offers outstanding performance in a passive design. The X4 Ultra does not require an active bass section and has the same superb sound and wide dynamic range as the original models.

X4 Ultra

X4 Ultra
X4 Ultralam FrontX4 Ultralam Side
X4 Black FrontX4 Black Side
X4 White FrontX4 White Side
X4 Graphite FrontX4 Graphite Side
$ 7,950 USD

This ground-breaking 2-way design provides outstanding performance in a passive architecture with amplifiers of 20W or more. This 4 Ohm design and lowered sensitivity approach results in the same bass performance as the previous models. The X4 Ultra should be used for the vast majority of systems using 20W amps or more.

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