Using Open Baffle Speakers to

Reproduce Immersive Music

Conventional Speaker Design

Deliver a standard wave pattern

Our open-baffle, dipolar design provides the solution to an uneven bass response caused by exciting acoustic room modes. These interference patterns trigger phase cancellation effects resulting in large fluctuations of frequency response when a rock is dropped into still water - similarly radiating waves equally in all directions including vertically throughout your space. By strategically directing these bass frequencies, our system helps minimize dips and peaks for crystal clear sound reproduction.

Open Baffle Speaker Design

Boxless Technology, Superior Sound

Spatial Audio's dipolar design expertly mitigates peripheral energy output, resulting in a directional figure-8 shaped bass pressure lobe. This optimization lends to a more even and natural mid-range response with benefits that include reduced peaks/dips in the low frequencies as well as faster, hyperrealistic articulation of sound - all leading up to an improved overall audio experience.

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This passive design will deliver an impressive performance that rivals even its active predecessors, boasting a remarkable sound and dynamic range.