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Using Open Baffle Speakers to

Reproduce Immersive Music

X4 Ultra

Conventional Speaker Design

Deliver a standard wave pattern

Like dropping a rock in a pond, bass waves radiate out equally in all directions including vertically in your room. Unfortunately, this creates interaction problems with the side walls, floor and ceiling, resulting in uneven bass response. Exciting acoustic room modes causes interference patterns, that result in phase cancellation effects, which in turn cause large response dips and peaks. To reduce this problem, we need a directional bass system to minimize the peaks and dips in frequency response. Our open-baffle, dipolar design solves this problem.

Open Baffle Speaker Design

Boxless Technology, Superior Sound

Spatial’s dipolar design creates a directional bass energy pattern by minimizing energy output around the periphery of the speaker. Sidewall and floor/ceiling interaction are greatly reduced, leaving a forward and rearward pressure lobe that looks like a figure 8 shape. In-room response is much more even and natural sounding in the bass and midrange regions. Bass peaks and dips can be reduced by half or more, resulting in even sounding bass and lower midrange. Fast articulate bass sounds far more realistic than box bass.

X4 Ultralam

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