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M Series models come conveniently packaged in a telescoping lid style carton. After opening the package, two people should remove both speakers from their separate boxes (M3 Sapphire each have one speaker per box) before lifting off the foam packaging layers inside. To protect its tweeter, lay this main panel flat on floor with an inch of clearance underneath it to ensure safe unboxing until secured by base bolts provided within the original package. Secure the base at the bottom of your speaker before mounting. Ensure that you fasten it with bolts and connect them to female receptacles on the face of your panel using an Allen wrench - just avoid over-tightening for best results! Stand up your now fixed speaker, then insert a signal connection from its panel into one end of a crossover box per instructions provided afterwards.

Securely tucked around the tweeter heatsink for safe transport, easily connect your tweeter leads by matching up their red plugs with the corresponding dot on the speaker.

For a strong and secure connection, M3 models feature multi-pole Neutrik Speakon plugs that must be inserted into the female jack on top of the crossover enclosure. For an even stronger bonding process, make sure to turn the plug clockwise until it locks with a clicking sound for confirmation. Alternatively, signal connection from an M4/M6 version is achieved via SwitchCraft XLR; simply line up cable mount end to chassis mount connector and press firmly in place - allowing your speaker's wiring power through securely!

Ensure proper polarity and secure connection with the WBT input terminals - uniquely designed for multi-way banana, spade and bare wire connections. The ratcheting feature ensures that your speaker wires remain in place even after extended use!

For optimal performance of the M4 Ultra, take care to set up your speakers in a symmetrical fashion with respect to their surrounding boundaries. Ensure that there is at least 1 meter from the front wall and experiment with positioning further outwards for improved soundstage experience within an ideal modal area in the room. Give yourself some time by first setting them about 1 meter away and listening - you never know what sonic surprises await! After giving the speakers 24-36 hours to settle, it's time to find their optimal placement. Start by experimenting with two different distances from the front wall - 6 inches closer and 6 inches further away - until you reach a "nodal point" where bass sounds its loudest. Lastly, be sure each speaker is at least 18 inches from side walls before adjusting the toe-in angle of their baffles so that they both face your shoulders. To ensure optimal sound quality, use a tape measure to precisely compare the distance between two speakers. Take measurements from both inside and outside edges of the front wall in relation to the baffle, then replicate this same location with your second speaker for symmetry. If necessary, adjust the toe-in angle over time as you experiment for improved imaging and soundstaging results – contact Spatial if any questions arise about room acoustics or acoustic treatments!

With the initial 50 to 100 hours of usage, listeners can expect an impressive boost in sound quality. And with continued playback up to 400 hours - depending on music content and loudness - this improvement will remain substantial!

X Series come in a telescoping-lid style carton that needs to be cut open and laid flat on the floor for further inspection. Two people are required for unboxing, wherein the upper half of foam packing is lifted off first followed by carefully lifting out the speaker from its lower section. The poly over-bag must then be removed along with any thin stretch film before use of product can begin safely.

Easily unbox your X3 speaker with a friend, and have it ready to rock in just minutes! With its soft foam lines box and pre-assembled features, you'll effortlessly enjoy crystal clear sound right out of the carton.

X4 model uses a multi-pole Neutrik Speakon plug to terminate the wiring coming out of the speaker baffle. Insert the plug into the female Speakon jack located on the top surface of the aluminum crossover enclosure. ** Important** Turn the plug clockwise until it locks with a clicking sound. X5 & X3 Powered versions– Insert included IEC power cord plug into the power inlet jack on the plate amp face. Turn on main power amp before powering up plate amps. **Important** The plate amp must be turned off before your main power amp, if you power down your amp after listening sessions. To prevent any potential bass feedback from disrupting your listening experience, simply turn off the plate amps.

Keep your sound system stable with WBT's multi-way binding posts! With easy connection options for banana, spade and bare wire connections, you have the assurance of a secure setup. The ratcheting feature ensures that any vibrations or bumps won't affect the connectivity of your wires over time.

To get the most out of your X Series model's high-resolution capabilities, take care when setting up. Symmetrical distance from surrounding boundaries is recommended for optimal performance – a minimum 1 meter from front wall to baffle should do the trick. However, if location also coincides with an ideal modal spot in your room, further distancing may even enhance soundstage and other sonic traits. Ease into it by starting around that one metre mark - you'll know what suits best as soon as you hear them play! To find the ideal sound, start by letting your speakers break in for 24-36 hours. After that, move each speaker a foot closer and further back from their original position to identify any nodal points within the room - this is where bass will be at its loudest. Your end goal should aim for symmetry; measure an equal distance between both speakers' front walls and inside/outside baffles with a tape measure so they face your shoulders equally when finished. Unlock the best sound quality and experience possible by adjusting your toe-in angle over time. Get in touch with Spatial now to learn more about how room acoustics can be improved through acoustic treatment solutions.

Enhance your listening experience with up to 400 hours of audio optimization. During the initial 50-100 hrs, revel in an elevated sound quality that decreases gradually as time progresses - all depending on music playback and loudness!


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Rules and guidelines for our website.

1. Prior to shipping, all orders must be fully paid for.

2. Custom orders cannot be returned for a refund if they have been modified or include custom finishes or colors.

3. Because a minimum burn-in period of 100 hours is necessary to accurately assess the sound, the customer must keep the product for at least 30 days before attempting to return it.

4. Spatial should be notified as soon as possible of any issues with the product shipment, including logistical issues, shipping damage, etc.

5. In most circumstances, refund claims are processed within 14 days.

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Important things to keep in mind when returning a product.

1. Returns may be requested within 45 days of receiving the product. Spatial will issue a Return Authorization number, which should be indicated on the shipping cartons.

2. Custom orders cannot be returned for a refund if they have been modified or include custom finishes or colors.

3. Abuse or damage of the product will be evaluated and a cost established for us to repair the product. This cost will be deducted from the refund amount.

4. If Spatial handles the return shipping, the total cost of shipping will be deducted from the refund amount.

5. The customer owns the return speaker until Spatial receives, tests and signs off on the return. Spatial is not responsible for third party disputes, which must be handled by the customer.

6. In most circumstances, refund claims are processed within 14 days.

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Repair or replace a faulty product during the warranty period.

1.  Spatial provides a 5 year limited warranty on all our products.

2. Limited conditions are related to instances of abuse, modification, damage etc.

3. If Spatial handles the return shipping, the total cost of return shipping will be deducted from the invoice.

4. Spatial reserves the right to determine the best method of remedy, whether repair of replacement of parts and assemblies.

5. Spatial reserves the right to refund the original product cost instead of repair/replacement.

6. Spatial reserves the right to substitute components or entire product if original part(s) are no longer available.

7. Spatial will issue a Return Authorization number, which should be indicated on the shipping cartons.

8. Warranty applies to original purchaser only.

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