Why open baffle speakers? The open baffle dipolar design mitigates peripheral energy output, resulting in a directional figure-8 shaped bass pressure lobe. Traditional box speakers allow low frequency energy to negatively interact with the room in ways that result in reduced detail. A good open baffle design will provide much cleaner bass and low-mid frequency response.

When optimized with premium components, the result can be a more even and natural mid-range response with benefits that include reduced peaks/dips in the low frequencies as well as faster, hyperrealistic articulation of sound - providing an improved overall audio experience.

At Spatial Audio Lab, we engineer our crossovers and electronics to provide the most refined listening experience in your room; weather your room is untreated, irregular or purpose-built for the discerning audiophile.

X Series

The X Series showcases a narrow-dispersion air motion transfer tweeter that provides a more intimate listening experience, especially in listening environments that are not ideally shaped. The AMT is extremely detailed and articulate delivering a superior sound across the frequency range where traditional box speakers tend to lose coherency.

Q Series

Unveiled at the Southwest Audio Fest, March 15th 2024, This semi open speaker combines our latest Q150 tweeter/midrange enclosed drive unit with quick and powerful 15" exposed woofers.