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March 2024 - “Come Together”

The Spatial Team, March 31, 2024

What a month! Hopefully, this newsletter finds you healthy and looking forward to a beautiful Spring. Now that the holidays are behind us we have been hard at work with some new products we are excited to share with the world.

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December 2023 - Life is a Highway

The Spatial Team, December 17, 2023

It’s the end of 2023 and we are so grateful for the opportunities that we have had this year. This is a great community and we are excited about the future of Spatial Audio Lab because of all the positive feedback we have received from our customers and because of the new products we are bringing to market.
‍What did we do in 2023?

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October / November 2023 Newsletter

The Spatial Team, October 27, 2023

Greetings to our Audiophile Community,

Welcome to our combined October and November newsletter, where we delve into discussions about our speaker designs, latest developments, exciting revelations, and exploring exceptional music to test the prowess of your audio setups.

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September 2023 Updates

The Spatial Team, September 24, 2023

“Tempus Fugit” - one of my favorite Yes songs in our newsletter today. The guys just got back from visiting with industry icons Ron (New Record Day) and Danny (GR Research) in Texas. Ron and Danny are a fountain of knowledge on a variety of subjects. From speakers to amplifiers to electric guitars, cars, website development, video production… More on that in future updates :)

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August 2023 Updates

The Spatial Team, August 19, 2023

Greetings to the Audio Enthusiasts!

Hey there, Spatial enthusiasts! We're thrilled to be back with our monthly update, responding to the buzz and inquiries from our fantastic community. The curiosity about our journey and products is both heartwarming and inspiring.

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Pacific Audio Fest

The Spatial Team, June 23, 2023

If you attended Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle June 23-25 you were treated to some amazing sights and sounds! Spatial Audio Lab was there with our prototype Q6 in partnership with our friends at LTA, Anticables and Innuos. The reception was overwhelmingly positive and we can’t wait to make the new Q6 available in the next few months. Our main room served as a showcase for a Spatial Audio Lab first - a tube-based preamplifier and mono block amplifiers built around the famed 300B tubes. We will have a lot more on those coming soon as well as taking orders in October and deliveries in time for Christmas if that is something on your wish list :)  In short, our amplifier offering was developed in collaboration with industry experts Don Sachs and Lynn Olson. The flagship amplifier and preamp offer exceptional performance. Paired with the newly designed X4 Ultra speakers, this top reference-level system promises an outstanding audio experience.

Q6 Introduction

The Spatial Team, June 23, 2023

Spatial Audio Lab has unveiled the Q6, a revolutionary speaker that combines cutting-edge wideband driver design with proprietary dipole bass technology. This innovative speaker delivers an immersive listening experience with exceptional clarity, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the artist's intent. The Q6's engineering prowess is evident in its elegant package, balancing form and function, and delivering an exceptional auditory experience.

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X4 Ultra Introduction

The Spatial Team, March 26, 2023

The X4 Ultra speaker from Spatial Audio Lab is an exceptional upgrade that surpasses cost limitations and elevates listening experience. It features an enhanced crossover system, a sturdy aluminum base, and vibration isolating Gaia feet. Spatial Audio Lab is a leading innovator in audio technology, focusing on pushing the boundaries of sound reproduction and delivering an unparalleled listening experience.

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X4 Premium Introduction

The Spatial Team, March 26, 2023

The X4 Premium, a groundbreaking speaker, revolutionized speed, accuracy, and dimensionality in 2019. Its unique woofer design produces precise bass response, surpassing traditional box speakers. The X4 Premium features the studio-grade Air Motion Transformer (AMT) technology, capturing world-class midrange and treble frequencies. Its seamless presentation and immersive listening experience transcend conventional audio systems, allowing listeners to truly connect with music. Spatial Audio Lab is a trusted name in the industry.

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Ownership Change

The Spatial Team, March 3, 2023

Clayton Shaw sold Spatial Audio Lab in March 2023 due to health issues. Sam Whitt and David Whitt acquired the company's assets. Despite this change, industry veteran and founder, Clayton Shaw remains involved in the company, serving as the head of sales and offering invaluable business advice derived from his extensive experience in the high-end audiophile market.

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