Our Vision

Spatial Audio Lab has a passion for fine music reproduction. Many other companies could say the same, but Spatial’s unique Dipolar technology sets it apart from everyone else. Our boxless design approach provides far more natural music reproduction compared to traditional, 20th century design approaches. Our vision is to continue to propagate our approach in the market until it is the standard method for loudspeaker design. Our passion has only increased over the years as our products designs have continued to advance and reach more listeners. Now available around the world, Spatial is a highly respected brand everywhere. We develop speakers that capture the imagination upon listening, demanding you re-listen to all your music over again. We also believe our speakers should be built to a very high standard, to last a lifetime, and be trouble-free. The most important parameter is that we produce only products that we personally love and want to own ourselves.

Our Technology

Spatial is known for pushing the technological envelop. We are an engineering based company that uses accepted scientific principles in our development process. We design most of our driver units since dipolar design requires specialized mechanical and electrical parameters. We partner with large professional sound manufactures such as Beyma Acoustica (Spain) who produce our driver units. Another area of focus is our advanced chassis designs that provide a stable, low resonance structure for the best music quality. Our use of the German sourced Ultralam baffles provides a large advantage over traditional MDF panel material. We machine the baffle from solid Ultralam on our state-of-the-art HOMAG NC 300 CNC machining center, for the finest in finish quality and speed of production. Our high performance based plates are machined from American made Kaiser brand, solid billet aluminum. This heavy-duty approach provides a stable, resonance free foundation.

Our Team

The team at Spatial is a passionate group of professionals with many years of experience. Spatial team members specialize in areas such as fabrication, assembly, testing, pack/ship etc. We believe it takes great people to craft great products. So, we are very proud of our team. We are all crazy about music and great music reproduction. Our hard work since 2010 has paid off and now Spatial is widely recognized for producing some of the best speakers on the market.


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