Our Vision

Our mission is to create a wave of change in the loudspeaker industry – one that amplifies an unparalleled listening experience for audiophiles everywhere. We're devoted to crafting speakers with remarkable sound quality and construction, so you can enjoy your music time after time without worry or hassle. At our core lies tremendous passion: we only craft pieces that would make us proud owners as well!

Our Technology

Our engineering-focused company utilizes scientifically sound principles in our manufacturing process. We possess extensive knowledge of dipolar designs, aided by specialized mechanical and electrical parameters, to create driver units with reliable performance. Additionally, we construct advanced chassis structures that ensure a stable environment for top-tier music quality. To achieve the best possible finish on these components, Ultralam baffles from Germany are milled in our cutting edge HOMAG NC 300 CNC machining center - guaranteeing superior results without sacrificing speed or precision!

Our Team

Spatial is a dynamic and experienced team, united by our shared passion for music. We are all deeply committed to recreating superior audio experiences - making us an extremely proud group of professionals!


X Series

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