Inside Spatial

Our Mission

Welcome to Spatial Audio Lab, where a passion for music meets innovation. Our mission is to craft industry-leading audiophile products that not only receive acclaim from our valued customers but also earn the respect of our competitors. We deliver superior audio experiences with an unwavering commitment to performance, simplicity, outstanding quality, and value without compromising our integrity.

Our Technology and Design Principles

Simplicity and Minimalism: At the heart of our speaker development practice is the open baffle (dipole) design. This approach offers a clean, modern look with exceptional sound characteristics. For a detailed explanation of how dipole speakers differ from traditional monopole (box) speakers, we invite you to read an article by audiophile legend Paul McGowan here.

: We believe no other speaker design delivers the highly sought-after trait of soundstage like open baffle. However, it doesn't stop there. Clarity, instrument separation, texture, and overall balance are equally vital. We collaborate with top-notch component manufacturers to find the perfect combination of drivers, capacitors, inductors, and resistors that work in harmony to achieve a flat response curve throughout the audible frequency range.

Quality Materials: In our highest-performing models, we incorporate a solid aluminum base to reduce vibration. The addition of IsoAcoustics feet further enhances isolation. For our baffles, we recommend Ultralam, a material that ensures a superior listening experience compared to traditional painted MDF.

Passion Projects: In addition to our renowned speakers, Spatial Audio Lab has joined forces with Don Sachs and Lynn Olson to create, market, and support a passion-project of theirs—the Revelation Series preamp and monoblock amplifiers. Based on the highly regarded 300B tubes from Western Electric, these amplifiers deliver class-leading power output that's unparalleled..

The Spatial Team

Behind Spatial Audio Lab's innovative and unique audiophile products is a team of talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals united by a shared love for music.

Sam: Our chief engineer, who has been designing and building speakers and amplifiers since 2013, joined Spatial founder Clayton Shaw in 2022.

Cloud: Began working for Spatial Audio in 2021 and quickly earned the respect of customers with his deep understanding of listening preferences and ability to make informed recommendations.

Ryan: Joined the team in 2019 to manufacture crossovers and assist in baffle assembly.

: A second-generation woodworker, he runs the CNC and meticulously hand-finishes all our baffles and cases.

Family Collaboration: Our painting and powder coating are entrusted to another second-generation family business.

David: Handles administrative, finance, and business planning, ensuring the seamless operation of our passionate endeavor.

Tom: Manager of marketing, website development, materials management, partner relations, and other duties as assigned.

We are a close-knit group of professionals deeply committed to creating superior audio experiences, and we couldn't be more proud of our journey. Thank you for choosing Spatial Audio Lab as your audiophile destination.